Love at first sight and a lasting relationship…

Love at first sight and a lasting relationship…

Agent Gibbs, NCIS

Yes, that’s my Miller Dialarc HF TIG Welder.  She’s number one on my tool list next to my Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutter.   With these two tools of magic, I could construct a submarine in my basement…sorry Gibbs.  TIG welding is the pinnacle of welding.  From mild and stainless steel to aluminum, alloys, brass, copper and bronze, it’s the most diverse and versatile metal joining process available.

Welding Welder Miller TIG Welder Sculpture Sculptor Artist
DynaFlux-PUP Torch Cooling System on top (red)

Why is TIG the best?

  • High quality with control.  Heat Management = Puddle Management = Aesthetic Strong Welds.  With the use of the surgical-like precision tungsten electrode torch, heat regulating foot pedal and hand controled filler rod, it yields strong precision welds.  It’s not only diverse in welding exotic metals, but it’s very versatile in welding different joints (T, Edge, Corner, Butt and Lap joints) at every angled position with little distortion.
  • It’s clean.    No paste, no flux, no slag and no smoke/fumes. No sparks bouncing off the inside of your helmet…just a divine-like glow.  It produces clean, strong and very aesthetic welds.


  • PIGO-What you put in, you get out.  Surfaces/base materials must be very clean – especially with aluminum.  This adds time and tests patience, but it’s good protocol.
  • Expense.  TIG welding is a slower process, so you sacrifice time for quality.  The training, equipment, argon, wattage and supplies are more costly than the traditional, but it’s an investment.  Especially if your goal is to produce superior weld strength and aesthetics.

That’s “why”…more “how” to come…

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