What do Warhol, a petticoat, a meteorite and a skunk have in common? The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT of course.

Paul Shampine Blog Sculpture Outdoor Sculpture Sculptor Art Artist
“People should fall in love with their eyes closed.” — Andy Warhol
Paul Shampine Blog Sculpture Outdoor Sculpture Sculptor Art Artist
I agree Andy!

Paul Shampine Blog Sculpture Outdoor Sculpture Sculptor Art Artist
Petticoat Paul Shampine Sculpture Sculptor Art Artist Outdoor Sculpture

My trek to the Bruce Museum was largely motivated by the Evolution of the Natural World exhibit.  Since my sculpture is largely inspired by nature and its forms, the thought of million year-old fossils, priceless pre-Paleozoic specimens and AC that you can refrigerate meat in was the draw for me.

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Warhola (birth name) aka the “Prince of Pop” and that “Campbell soup guy,” but with comments of “I like money” and “If one is good, more must be better,” I guess I have to respect his capitalism.  The one-room Flowers, 1974 exhibit containing 20 prints was a typical example of Andy’s work….simple floral sketched line work (traced from projected wallpaper images) followed by repetitive prints with added pastel-like watercolor.

The artistry, talent and presentation moves to the Dressmaker’s Art Collection. Having only sewn a few buttons myself, I was very impressed with the attention to detail and designs.   Viewing the work up-close-and-personal gave you a great sense of the high-end early 19th-century attire which included 20+ pieces covering a 100-year timeline.

Continuing on the visual roller coaster, I slid over to the Eat or Be Eaten: Animal Survival Strategies exhibit and saved the best for last, Evolution of the Natural World.  Both exhibits are well presented with great specimens followed by succinct educational snippets.   It proved to be a great resource for some science and natural history knowledge without feeling like you needed a PHD in the Sciences to understand.  Personally, it did provide me with some great imagery for some needed inspiration.

Bruce Museum Paul Shampine art artist sculpture sculptor
Greenwich, CT

So, was it worth $7?  Absolutely.
Best, Paul
Paul Shampine

Paul ShampineThe Bruce Museum is perched on a small, secluded, tree-covered hill in Greenwich, CT.  For more information: http://brucemuseum.org/


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