Sustainable Eco-Friendly Art – My Beginning

The definition of “sustainable art” is quite broad.  My friends at Wikipedia: “art that is produced with consideration for the wider impact of the work and its reception in relationship to its environments (social, economic, biophysical, historical and cultural).”

For me, it started 20 years ago with a rusted, ruby red Ford F150 pickup creeping through South Boston, negotiating a small scrap yard of assorted metals bouncing in the back bed.  A colorful collection of metal rods, piping and jagged sheet steel obstructed my view as I slowly backed up to the loading dock of my studio on East Second Street.   “The Distillery”. My new home and the start of what I love doing to this day…transforming post-consumer/industrial waste into something aesthetically pleasing and of value.

Boston Distillery by Paul Shampine ecofriendly stairway entance artist colony
The Distillery, East 2nd Street, South Boston, MA

I’m very fortunate to have my beginnings time-stamped by the entrance I was asked to design and construct for this great artist’s escape and personal sanctuary more than 20 years ago.  I’m happy to report that it’s still standing and we have both evolved and continue to embrace our days to come.

ecoart art4eco acrylic mixed media breaking the barrier of sustainability ecoart
Breaking the Barrier, 24”x20”, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, mixed media.

Today I’m challenged to break the barrier between traditional sculpture and paintings, and reinvent a new form of eco-friendly mixed media work that strongly drives the message of sustaining Mother Earth.   Recycle, reuse, upcycle and conserve.

This also marks the new beginning of my traditional blog as I transition the spotlight and share the sustainability stage with my new eco-friendly media and to include the creations of other environmentally driven artists.

So, welcome to Art4Eco. I’m not the sustainability or recycling police. Just a friendly reminder to recycle, reuse, upcycle and conserve.

If you are an eco-friendly artist or know of one, please contact me directly so we can list them in our directory.

Thank you. Best regards, Paul
Paul Shampine

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