The Arts PR Group’s own Kaitlyn Siner makes ABC’s Good Morning America

When I came up with The Arts PR Group‘s concept, I wanted a solid colleague. A trusted dynamic partner with a creative mind, a “make it happen” attitude and someone who knew me well enough to help manage my Founder’s Syndrome.Good Morning America - ABC That’s Kaitlyn Siner.  With a contagious laugh and enough energy to light up a small city, Kaitlyn and I have joined forces to “Providing a Path to Completion” for visual artist.  While wearing her performance art hat with her own organization as President of Artist Solutions, she has already made it to the “Show” or ABC’s Good Morning America Show. With innovative programs ranging from ABC’s highlighted FitVoice and the ArtistVisa program, Kaitlyn’s on her way to providing esssential and affordable resources for the performance art community.  For more information on Artist Solution’s Programs, check them out here and ABC’s Good Morning America, Monday, March 14, 7-8 AM.

Paul ShampinePaul Shampine

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